Company culture is a complicated phrase that simply means habits

Habits are the concrete results of an organization's values.

The origins of UNIX is the basis of modern computing

Looking at how something started can tell you about how it is today.

The design mindset

How to pay enough attention.

What are VCs for?

Think more carefully about your choices for funding.

Ratcheting vs. backsliding goals

A framework for understanding the effects of effort.

The advantage of old things

Age and wear can be an indicator of quality.

How to set up Sublime Text 3 for Python development

Sublime Text 3 is a powerful IDE with some Python plugins.

Belonging to an organization

Consider thoughtfully how you see yourself in the world.

My appearance on an episode of the Data Science Imposters podcast

I was a guest on a podcast.

Introductory courses in modern NLP

The best ways to get started in Natural Language Processing as of March 2019.