Overview of Apache Cassandra

A quick introduction to Cassandra.

It took two years to move the Overton Window on facial recognition

Amazon recently stopped providing facial recognition software to law enforcement after 2 years of research and activism.

My first steps into IndieWeb

My thoughts after making my website compatible with some IndieWeb standards.

What does it mean for a machine learning system to be biased?

Language (Technology) is Power: A Critical Survey of Bias in NLP

Company culture is a complicated phrase that simply means habits

Habits are the concrete results of an organization's values.

The origins of UNIX is the basis of modern computing

Looking at how something started can tell you about how it is today.

The design mindset

How to pay enough attention.

What are VCs for?

Think more carefully about your choices for funding.

Ratcheting vs. backsliding goals

A framework for understanding the effects of effort.

The advantage of old things

Age and wear can be an indicator of quality.