The Eightfold Path is a generalizable strategy

Focus, operational excellence, and a strong vision strengthen each other.

Solving a problem

Problem solving as a learnable skill.

How not to tell a fake when you don't see one

A master class on deep diving.

Addressing the hype around deep learning

Machine learning has a ton of hype, but not all of it is unearned.

Unicode in Python

Python, unicode, and how to deal with UTF-8.

Doing Research in the Industry

Similarities and differences between academia and the industry

Working Backwards

Starting with the results you want, and then building the path back to your current circumstances

Designing a Hiring Pipeline at a Startup

The best practices at a large company may not work at a small-sized startup

Reinstalling Bundle to run Jekyll

Fixing a strange issue with Ruby gems to fix a 'bad interpreter' error

Installing an older version of Java on OSX using Homebrew

How to use Homebrew Caskroom to install Java 8